Thursday, March 6, 2014

"A Bohemian Wedding" -styled photo shoot

About a year and a half ago when I was doing flowers for a wedding at Wine and Roses, I met Jen Howell of NewvintagephotographybyJen. Upon meeting her, I thought that she was maybe one of the sweetest people ever, yet very professional and passionate about her job! She introduced herself and offered to take extra photos of the flowers and send them to me when they were finished. As a wedding florist, you can take all of the photos you want on your own, but capturing the beauty of flowers with a camera phone does not do them justice. When I received the photos that Jen had taken of my work, I knew that she was someone I had to work with again! So when Jen came to me with the idea of doing a styled photo shoot, I immediately started looking for inspiration. We got together to discuss ideas and plans for our styled shoot and decided on capturing four very different wedding themes. The themes would be Black Tie Glamour, Whimsical, Nantucket and Bohemian. Then came the hard part. We had to find a location, models, dresses, menswear, shoot props, jewelry, hair and makeup, and a way for people to see the finished product!
So I made calls to the businesses that I hoped to work with on this project. But how was I going to get all of these amazing vendors to trust that Jen and I had the creativity and vision to actually pull it off? The answer...Kimberly Mullen of Herlife magazine! She listened to my ideas and was interested in putting the photos in her magazine. Getting businesses on board to collaborate with us was a little easier now that Herlife was interested. At what capacity though, would be determined after seeing the finished product. And so, the pressure was on!
The photos turned out amazing thanks in part to everyone that participated and all four themes are being published in separate issues of Herlife magazine. This project was not only one of my all time favorites but has led to many opportunities for my business as well! A big thanks to everyone who participated:

Publication: Herlife magazine's March 2014 trendsetter- "A Bohemian Wedding".
Photography: Jen Howell of NewvintagephotographybyJen
Flowers, shoot concept and styling: Annie Zunino of AZ floral design
Dresses: Bliss Bridal Salon
Jewelry: E.M.Pedrini designs
Hair and makeup: Jessica Van Ruiten
Location: private residence in Acampo,CA
Models: Taylor Kininmonth, Casey Vink, Mia Rogan, Madeline Baysinger, Adriana Baysinger and Hayley Deutscher